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It was with heavy hearts that in September, 2021 we took the decision to close our shop on Gold Hill but to continue selling online.

We had been there for nearly 14 years and loved meeting so many wonderful people, who we will misss, but, sadly, some things just run their natural course.

There are positives however. With the reduction in overheads we are able to reduce our prices – up to 50% on some lines but more usually around 30-35% whilst still offering the same high quality as before.

Ruth & Dennis xx



The Beadster grew out of a long love affair with tiny objects of desire, and the acquisition of a warehouse selling African artefacts with room for some small boxes of beads. Believing we were too far flung in the wilds of North Dorset, we didn’t really expect a dusty barn to be the most obvious place to start a bead shop. However, six months and many hundreds of beads later, the philosophy of high quality low price, proved to be very popular.

In early autumn 2007 a friend told us that a tiny shop, The Sun and Moon Cottage at the top of historic Gold Hill in Shaftesbury was available to rent, but we immediately dismissed it as far too small – how on earth could you fit two thousand square feet into just a few hundred?

However some weeks later, having lunch at the restaurant next door to the tiny shop, we began to wonder if we had been a little hasty.  Peering between the tissue papered windows of the vacant shop, which had originally been two tiny cottages, we saw the potential to showcase Africa indoors, and provide a base for The Beadster. True to form, the deal to lease the shop was struck in a matter of days (in the fastest time ever according to the Elder of our leasing agent, including obtaining a reference from Zimbabwe) and on 10th November 2007 we opened the doors of the Sun and Moon Cottage, Africa Indoors and The Beadster had arrived in Shaftesbury.

Nearly nine years later we are established as the premier bead shop in the South-West with a huge range of beads and findings.

We are also proud of the fact that we continue to open seven days a week throughout the year (except Christmas and Easter Sunday) so what could be nicer than a Sunday ride to Shaftesbury?

See the famous Gold Hill (we are at the top of it!), visit the Museum and Abbey Ruins (in season only), lunch at one of the many restaurants and pubs, and browse for beads as a finale!

Our idea of beading heaven!

We are continually adding new products to our range, so it is well worth visiting our site regularly and to keep up with all the latest news please subscribe to our newsletter.

Ruth & Dennis x

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